Progress from the Fourth Week

by syaffolee

I passed 50k on Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving.  Fifteen minutes before Thanksgiving Day, in fact.  That was pretty cool.  But does this mean that I can stop?  No way.  My story isn’t finished.  I’m going to keep writing until the bitter end.  Today, I’m going to attempt to finish the section I’ve titled “Main Course” and make a sizable dent on “Side Dishes”.  I really need to get to the section called “Dessert” by Tuesday.

Currently, I am in the middle of the chapter where I’m going to put the zero-g jello scene.  This is also where the cyborg attempts to kiss my main character, she tries to bean him with the jello, and the space pirates show up.  It’s going to be epic.

Meanwhile, here are some excerpts from stuff I’ve written the past week:

From Part Ve:

The tailor then brightened. “What about Brutus? I mean, with the toga and everything, he looks like he could play the part of that backstabbing traitor in that ancient play called Julius Caesar.”

“Julius Caesar?” This time it was Annette frowning. “I’ve never heard of a play called that.”

“It’s by Shakespeare,” I supplied.

“Oh! Right. I know Shakespeare. He’s the one who wrote Beowulf, right?”

I shook my head. “I think you’ve gotten your ancient literature mixed up, Annette.”

“If you say so. Ancient literature wasn’t my strongest subject in school. All I remember about it is that our class got to act out a tragedy and I got to pretend to stab somebody with a fake laser-sword.”

From Part VIc:

As I tried to shake myself from my sudden collision with the vat, I saw Vyne and Mot in the vat of wax. Mot was screaming as the cyborg finally pulled him out. From their waists down, they dripped with the green wax. In the next moment, the secretary android with a couple of other security robots burst into the room with wax extraction equipment in their arms.

“The emergency crew has been contacted,” intoned the android. “Please lie down and stay calm. They are on their way.”

“Calm? Calm?” yelled Mot. “I nearly became a candidate for Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum on Alpha Regulus!”

From Part VIIb:

The server widened her eyes as she observed the blue rodent flip the nearest menu, which happened to be George’s, to one of the pages and point to one of the items listed.    The jerboa squeaked again.

“It’s the second coming of Mukmuk!” the girl exclaimed.  And she promptly fainted.

“Holy marmot!” exclaimed Vik as he grabbed the holographic recorder that he had placed next to him to film the entire thing.  “This is awesome!”

“Is she all right?” asked Annette.  She looked up and waved her arms.  “Hey you over there!  I think we might need a medic!”

From Part VIIc:

“Have you guys checked the message boards last night when the Old Minoan episode aired in most of the Beta Quadrant?  They loved what they call the “pancake scene”.  There are fan sites springing up nearly overnight for Euphie’s pet.  He’s pretty much the star now.  He’s even got fangirls, from the looks of it.”

The jerboa, sitting at my elbow, nibbling on a bit of Minoan waffle and studying a data pad that had a puzzle on it, briefly looked up and chirped.

“This is ridiculous,” said Mot with a snarl.  “A rodent has fangirls and I don’t?”

“Well, you do have a fan site,” said George.  “And some fangirls.”


“But the fangirls are trying to petition for you to go to Gamma Cygnus for the jello wrestling championships.”


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