Finally, I’ve Written ‘The End’

by syaffolee

Ending a story always feels a little anticlimatic, maybe because in my mind’s eye, I’ve already seen the ending coming by the time I’ve reached the next to the last chapter.  But this year’s Nanowrimo novel is finally done.  I also have to acknowledge everyone who either generously or inadvertently contributed dares to the novel.  I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Each year, I try something a little different.  This is what I’ve done with Dining with Small Monsters (which can be read in its entirety here) that hasn’t been done in previous Nanowrimo projects:

-Delibrately trying to write something funny.
-Actually finishing a sci-fi novel, even if it ended up bleeding through half of December.
-Writing my longest work yet at 107,276 words.
-Writing a novel consisting solely of dares.

With that said, read at your own risk!

* * *

One would think that after finishing, I would be completely burned out with writing.  Well, not so.  I’m not burned out on everything.  I just feel burned out because I’ve had to deal with the Nanowrimo Book Drive.  I really don’t want to see another book drive box for a while.

I’m already thinking about ideas of what to do for JanNoWriMo, January’s version of Nanowrimo, which is scarily only two weeks away.  My goal is to use this as a trial run for what I might be doing for the next Nanowrimo.  So while getting 50,000 words in January is good, I’m not completely betting on it because:

-I am writing the entire story by hand.
-In cursive.

As for exactly what the story is about, plot-wise, I am not quite sure.  But the setting will be inspired by the Art Deco movement and the main character will be a woman with one normally functioning eye.  Her other eye is damaged, but it can still see…things.  Weird things.  After November’s comedy, I may end up going for the serious this time around.  We’ll see.