An Exasperated View on a Saturday Morning

by syaffolee

As I told someone else earlier this week, I was going to use this weekend to run some errands that I had put off the previous weeks.

One of my errands was to reserve space for the Script Frenzy write-ins during April.  Reserving the room at Sister’s Brew was a snap.  It was an entirely different story at One World Cafe where I was informed that they had changed their reservation policies.  I would have been fine if I had to pay ten or twenty bucks to get the room reserved for everyone.  But the policy was that everyone who was going to use the room had to pay for drinks and/or food.  I always end up ordering something when I’m using a coffeehouse’s facilities–whether it’s a drink or an entire meal–because I think it’s only fair to do so.  I’m also willing to pay for something if it will allow my friends, and in this case my fellow writers, to use it.  However, I am extremely uncomfortable reserving a location where everyone, including college students with no money, must pay to get room to write.  So I ended up not reserving anything there at all.

In retrospect, I should have seen the writing on the wall when the manager kept avoiding me when I wanted to ask if I could leave a box there for the Nanowrimo book drive last November.

But writers: have no fear. I will schedule alternate writing meetings at the bagel shop and on campus.

* * *

On an unrelated note, I ordered a hot chocolate at OWC.  The barrista was so excited that she managed to make a perfect heart on the surface of my drink, she took a picture of it.  So now, a picture of my drink is probably circulating on Twitter or Facebook (or both!) somewhere.

I ruined the drink by attempting to put a lid on the cup.  I tried every single size of lid, but none of them fit.