Preparations and Such

by syaffolee

I finally have a title for this year’s Script Frenzy project.  I’m still not sure whether I want a literal or figurative ghost in the thing. But writing a philosophically impregnated script is holding appeal at the moment.  Less characters and more ideas!  (Of course, I see the flashing warning signs.  Such a tedious thing would be better suited to a novel than a script. But what do I know about scripts?)  I also have this really weird, but also extremely strong, gut feeling for putting the whole thing in an Asian setting.  Intellectually, I don’t want it to be so culturally obvious because I want to get this across as an idea, not a culture.  So this battle between my mind and my instinct is still going on–and I have no inkling of what the outcome will be when SF actually starts.

But aside from all of this angsty pre-writing, there is the practical stuff to look after.  I’ve already posted flyers around town, e-mailed people, sent nagging tweets on Twitter, reserved times and locations for local write-ins, and kick-started the official forums.  I have yet to:

*Distribute colored flyers and postcards (once they get here from SF HQ) to local bookstores.
*Distribute flyers to libraries in neighboring towns.
*Figure out how to set up an online chat room so that everyone in the state can meet virtually.
*Prepare for the kickoff party.
*Send more nagging e-mails so people will actually check the SF site.

I still feel like such a slacker, though.  There are MLs who are doing more than I am.  There are always MLs who do more than I do.

One ML recently posted that for Script Frenzy, most people don’t even check the site until the end of March or even in April when the event is already underway.  SF is generally more quiet than Nanowrimo–I guess it’s because fewer people have the inclination to do script writing than novel writing–so I find it a lot less stressful if one cultivates a “whatever” attitude.  This is where I aim my expectations very low.  Really low.  I don’t care if no one shows up at any of the events that I schedule.  As long as no one sends me scathing e-mails telling me that I’m spamming them with too much gunk about SF, I consider it a success.