Background As You Go

Well, this is a rather belated update.  This is one of those times in the year when I’m rather swamped with stuff and doing Script Frenzy isn’t helping any.  So far, I’ve only been writing during scheduled write-in times and I think that’s the only reason why I’m still on track.  Otherwise the script, or what there is of it, would have easily fallen by the wayside earlier this month in favor of doing more important things.

As for the script itself, I’m writing by the seat of my pants.  I mean, I had some things planned, but it was the sort of nebulous planning that could get changed at any moment.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a documentary-style film although everything in it is not real.  As I’m writing it, I’m also making up the background and setting as I go.  (For the curious, it’s turning into an exploration of an alternate universe Bhutan that got modernized.)

Anyways, that’s it. Although I’m trying to look at this as a writing exercise, I still hate the script format.