Mad Scribbling Time

by syaffolee

I don’t know how people do it.  You know, managing a day job and writing at the same time.  For the first part of the month, I’ve been kind of lax by not working on the Maynowrimo project.  I have been in lab, though, for 10-12 hour days. Including weekends.  And by the time I come home, I feel too brain dead to do anything else except eat dinner and sleep.

A professional writer, I suppose, wouldn’t have to worry about a pesky thing like other jobs.  The hard-core writer, however, would probably yell at me for being such a sissy and that I should make time to do any writing by just steamrolling it rather than letting it steamroll me.

The problem is, I feel a lot like Sisyphus.  I get a lot of work done, but I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.

Anyways, I have over 40,000 words to go in about 10 days.  I won’t be posting much here until next month, to say the least.