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Month: June, 2011

Small Monsters 009

Flightless Bird as Whirligig
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Biofilm Reject
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Around Static
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Happy Gila
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Salamander Rising
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The Three Musketeers and I
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Plot Needed

It’s a week until Julnowrimo and I’m still not sure if I even have an idea to write about.  Well, I had an idea.  I even had the plot sketched out lightly.  But I’m not sure I want to write about it right now.  Currently, I have a character in mind who is just begging for a story.  But I cannot just put the character in with the plot that I had recently sketched out.  Because if I wanted to stay true to the character, things would be over by the end of chapter three–if that–in one big and literal gory mess.

I have no shortage of ideas, which I suppose shouldn’t be a problem.  The problem is picking which one I want to do.  The easiest thing to do is to choose one randomly and stick to it.  But that method doesn’t give me any enthusiasm.  I don’t write for a living so I can’t just plow through things because it’s something I have to do whether I like it or not.  I do this because it’s a hobby (a compulsive hobby, but a hobby nonetheless) and it’s something I like doing for fun in my spare time.  So it’s a no brainer that I would want to write about an idea that I find exciting.

Back in 2004, when I first attempted to write a novel in the month of July, the genre I chose was the fantasy western.  I have a yen to revisit the genre in the coming month.  The character with my attention right now would fit in very easily.  I can already picture the fight scenes.  But where’s the plot?  I’m sorely tempted to borrow one or two from a spaghetti western.

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I’m So Happy to See You
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