Another Close Finish

by syaffolee

Maynowrimo, another one of those binge writing spin-offs, is now over and I can say that I squeaked by with 50,377 words.  I can say with some confidence that it was mostly procrastination.  I started out in the month of May hoping that I would be regularly writing, but lab stuff, as usual, got me sidetracked.  So I ended up writing about almost 40,000 words over the last three days–almost 10k on Sunday, almost 20k on Monday, and about 11k on Tuesday (yesterday).

I’m pretty drained after that writing marathon, so I guess for about the next month, I’ll turn my attention to other things.  However, there are other writing things after June that I’m vaguely contemplating about:

Last year, I did Julnowrimo (in July) and Augnowrimo (in August).  After August was over, I felt pretty burned out and semi-vowed that I wouldn’t do it again.  But then again, real writers write every day and it sort of seemed like I would be wimping out if I didn’t do it again.  However, this year is complicated with Camp Nano, the summer version of Nanowrimo that is also organized by the same people.

As a municipal liaison, I sort of feel that I have some sort of obligation to organize some things in my region.  This may also involve setting up write-ins which can be kind of tricky since the people in charge of Camp Nano still don’t know whether or not this is going to be for July or August or both.  In any case, it will involve some time committment from me.

I’m also thinking about the 3-day Novel Contest in September.  I’m really toying with the idea that I might actually submit an entry this year.  You know, with all of the last minute writing that I’ve been practicing lately, it shouldn’t be too hard to write a coherent novel in three days, right?