Catching Up

by syaffolee

There isn’t much to say on the writing front except that I’ve been pretty busy the past week working on other things so I haven’t had much time to really devote to Temperance and the Devil.  This weekend, however, I’m trying to catch up.

I’ve also been trying to brainstorm for ideas to use in August.  So far, I haven’t had much luck.  I might end up writing by the seat of my pants next month, too.

* * *

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 15:

Instead of getting disturbed by Death’s comment about his scythe, Cherry was laughing. “Oh, that’s a good one. You must be one of those anime fans.”

“Anime fans?” he asked. “What does that have to do about anything?”

“Dave was just telling me the other day that Babel was going to be holding one of those anime conventions this week. My boyfriend isn’t really into that stuff, but several other students in his department are and that’s what they’ve been talking about for the past month. He says that they dress up in strange costumes and everything. I bet you’re here for the convention, aren’t you?”

Death shrugged.

“Oh, don’t be shy,” Cherry exclaimed. “You can admit your geekiness to us. Heck, I’m dating a geek. We have nothing against geeks. Don’t we, girls?”

“I have nothing against geeks,” Tem said as she paused between bites. “But I don’t think he is one.”

Lani nodded. “I bet he ate geeks for breakfast.”

“No,” said Death as he watched the waiter place a salad in front of him. “I actually had scrambled eggs.”