Starts and Fits

by syaffolee

I have about ten thousand more words that I need to write before Sunday for Julnowrimo/Camp Nanowrimo, unless you count all the short stories I have also been working on at the same time.  In that case, I’ve already finished writing 50,000 words.  But my goal is to get that many words on one story this month, so I guess I’ll keep chugging along even though the words at the moment are trickling out of my head like treacle.

As for next month, I still don’t have any concrete ideas.  But I’m contemplating doing something that is not strictly a novel so I don’t feel burned out as the days progress.  Maybe a series of short stories that are somehow connected.  A choose your own adventure story.  Interactive fiction, even.  Or perhaps something that doesn’t have a recognizable narrative structure.