Turn It Down To Negative Eleven

by syaffolee

Today’s my birthday and I guess I should be tickled that it’s also 11/11/11, but of all the things happening today, I’m not sure whether to feel stressed, depressed, or annoyed. Pretty much every “happy birthday” I’ve overheard were for other people. It’s the middle of the term and there’s tons of work to do.  I just got back comments from my advisor on my paper and basically I have to redo all my figures.  I have a strong feeling the only company I will have at the write-in tonight are uneaten cupcakes.  It’s also a holiday, but I don’t get the day off even though the university next door is closed. And the DJs on the radio should stop harping about three-day weekends.  They can just shove it.

However, I suppose things could be worse, so I guess I should be grateful for that.