by syaffolee

I reached 30k some time right before noon today.  Which is great progress.  I’m ahead of schedule, at least.  The only problem is, I still feel like I’m waffling about on the plot line.  And I still don’t particularly like my story even though things are picking up.  I haven’t gone back to read anything, so of course my inner editor doesn’t have anything concrete to rant about, but I have this constant nagging feeling that every word I type isn’t very good.

But those feelings are secondary to cranking this draft out.  I’ve only been writing during write-ins because the rest of my time is taken up with other stuff (lab work, dissertation, editing a scientific paper that needs to go out in the next couple of days, yadda yadda), so I have the added pressure of actually doing Nano during times that I’ve set aside deliberately for Nano.  That’s because doing Nano during other times would just mess with more important stuff.

If I don’t seem particularly chatty during write-ins, that’s why.  (Although I’m not particularly chatty during the best of times, so take that as you will.)

Anyways, the giant talking cockroaches have finally showed up in the original timeline.  I’ve decided to name them all after famous scientists.  There will probably be a couple more scenes set in their home world before three of them decide to join the main characters in jumping off to other parallel universes.  The alternate timeline, which I’ve started writing about again, isn’t quite as action packed, but the main characters are heading in the opposite direction, possibly meeting up with even weirder creatures than giant talking cockroaches.