A Brief Update

by syaffolee

I am tired, stressed, and incredibly cranky because I skipped lunch to go to a seminar that wasn’t completely mind blowing.  There’s way too much to do before the holiday.  I wish I could get myself cloned so I could do these things faster.  I envy the students who have already taken off to get a head start on stuffing their faces with turkey.

On a Nanowrimo note: There’s a strong possibility I may hit 50k before the end of this coming weekend.  Why do I think I can do this?  I’m going to an all-night write-in on Friday for a possible total of twelve solid hours of writing.  On Saturday, there’s a three hour write-in.  And on Sunday, there’s another write-in for two hours.  Let’s say I average 1k an hour (even though in reality I can do more than this).  I need 13k to pass 50k.  And there’s a total of 17 hours of write-ins.  This will mean that I would have a 4 hour buffer.

Actually finishing the story is another matter.