A Chapter Put Aside

by syaffolee

November’s over and so is the novel writing frenzy for the rest of the year. I say “for the rest of the year” because I’ll be spending most of my time working on other stuff rather than trying to finish the manuscript right at this moment (even though it’s already at 92,000 words). It was an interesting experiment in trying to juggle different timelines and story lines at the same time. It wasn’t entirely successful, but then again, not every experiment one takes on always succeeds. For me, especially after so many years of doing this, Nanowrimo is for trying new things, stretching my writing abilities. I’m not after scintillating prose, or word count, or even to deliberately “improve myself and grow as a writer” (whatever that means) even though any of these reasons given by other writers, I think, are equally valid. There aren’t, philosophically, any hard and fast rules on what Nanowrimo should be. Participants get as much out of this as they put in. I just wanted to challenge myself with something different, which I think I managed to do.

Anyways, everything I’ve written during November on Knots & Anchors is located here. As a warning (which applies to every Nano novel I’ve posted), it’s a raw first draft, unedited. This one, to boot, doesn’t have an ending yet. But I’ll get around to it, eventually.