A Couple of Ideas

by syaffolee

After being busy with various real life things, I’m hoping to get back into writing and blogging daily, especially with Script Frenzy coming up next month. As those of you who have followed me for a while know, writing scripts does not come naturally to me. The thing that trips me up the most is the format. It’s not a particularly familiar thing to me, considering the fact that I grew up reading novels, not scripts.

Anyways, about this year’s script. I came up with the title first by basically going to Wikipedia and hitting the “random article” link until I got to a page that wasn’t about some football player. Then I tried brainstorming for ideas. So far, all I have is: 1) The titular pale-eyed blackbird is a MacGuffin, and 2) the main character, a young boy, has been sent to live with his absent-minded aunt while his parents go gallivanting off to remote parts of the world for research. In other words, a drama that happens to have a child as a protagonist and not really a film for children per se.

Other than the set-up, I have nada. Which means I really have only a week to come up with a suitable outline.

* * *

I signed up on Steepster after seeing a mention here. Despite having some particular preferences (tea must be hot with no additions), I consider myself a casual tea drinker. And, well, reviewing teas seem like a new and fun thing to do. I’ve already scribbled some notes for my first tea log which means that a review may appear here some time in the near future.