Recommended For Honeysuckle Maniacs

by syaffolee

Last Christmas, my sister gave me several loose leaf tea samplers from the Bayswater Tea Co. And after going through the backlog of teabags that I had accumulated through grad school, I decided to give these a try.

Ginger Bees is one of Bayswater’s varieties of green teas. It reminded me, and not entirely in a pleasant way, of honeysuckle bushes. On the first steeping, an overpowering and unavoidable foral wall punched my nose. It’s wild, it’s pungent, it’s like a bully kicking my ass and rubbing my face into a compost of lawn clippings and dead flowers. I could hardly taste the ginger or the green tea as the floral notes have laid the smackdown on every other flavor in the tea. In subsequent steepings, the taste and aroma rapidly diluted.

Recommended for: honeysuckle maniacs
Brewing suggestions: 80°C/1 teaspoon tea per 1 cup water/steep 2 min
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