Nerdy Prompts for Week 2

by syaffolee

Without further ado, here are the writing prompts that I posted on NaNoWordSprints for the past week:

* * *

November 8, 10:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)
The Big Bang Theory

  • One of your characters finds a plasma grenade. (10 min)
  • Include pancake batter. Bonus points: the batter is in an unconventional container. (20 min)
  • Somebody says, “Give me back my lima beans!” Bonus points: roller skating is involved. (20 min)
  • Include a camp trunk in your next sprint. Bonus points: There’s a dead cat inside. (15 min)
  • Include bongos. Bonus points: Include someone walking down the stairs while playing the bongos. (18 min)

November 9, 9:00pm-10:30pm (UTC -7)
Genre Clichés Mashup

  • (slice of life/saga/comedy): “orange juice”, “Viking voyage”, “anvils” (15 min)
  • (sci-fi/crime/historical): “spaceship”, “courtroom”, “Napoleon” Bonus: throw in a mysterious amulet (15 min)
  • (horror/superhero/mystery): “serial killer”, “x-ray vision”, “sleepy village” (20 min)
  • (cyberpunk/wuxia/chick lit): “hacker”, “temple”, “Manolo Blahnik shoes” (13 min)

November 11, 8:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)
Academic History Journals

  • Digital Medievalist: Include music of some sort in your story. Someone could be singing or playing an instrument. Or it could even be the radio. (15 min)
  • The Heroic Age: Include a celestial portent (comet, meteor, supernova, etc.) that freaks out your characters when they gaze into the sky. (10 min)
  • Public History Review: Your characters visit a port or waterfront district. If they are landlocked, have them come across a ship in a bottle. (30 min)
  • Nordic Journal of African Studies: You character encounters something in another language that he/she needs to decipher. (10 min)
  • Mirator: Add something seemingly inconsequential that will have more importance later on in your story. Bonus: Bury this seemingly inconsequential thing inside a huge list of other inconsequential things that really are inconsequential. (15 min)
  • Journal of Modern Turkish Studies: Your characters use something unusual as a means to pay or barter for something. Bonus: Have your characters go on a shopping spree. (30 min)
  • Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies: Have something appear from nowhere. Bonus: It is a building. Double bonus: Your character is hallucinating it all. (15 min)
  • 19: Describe a room (or setting of your choice) in elaborate and claustrophobic detail. (10 min)
  • Delaware Review of Latin American Studies: Your characters go into an unfamiliar setting and are immediately recognized (or mistaken) as tourists. (20 min)
  • Anistoriton: Your characters discover something in their setting that makes them even more agitated and “rowdy”. (18 min)

November 12, 10:00pm-1:00am (UTC -7)

  • Have someone mistake the gender of one of your other characters. (13 min)
  • Describe the flaws of your protagonist. Or have one of your protagonist’s weaknesses trip them up. (15 min)
  • Have someone crash an event. It could be a date, a party, a business meeting, or even Scotland Yard! (30 min)
  • A character ends up in an important place with no pants. (15 min)
  • Describe a rather startling sound that your characters suddenly hear. What are their reactions? (10 min)
  • Frighten your characters! It could be something mundane or monstrous like hound on the moors. (20 min)
  • Your character hides something. (5 min)
  • The antagonist throws something unexpected in your protagonist’s path. (20 min)

November 13, 6:30pm-7:30pm (UTC -7)
Deli Meats (via @quaint28)

  • In Turkish, the word pastrami is “pastirma” which means “pressed meat.” Prompt: Include something “pressing” that is stressing out your character, i.e. a pressing engagement, a pressing problem, etc. (20 min)
  • Svið, or singed sheep’s head, is used in Icelandic head cheese. Sometimes it’s cured in lactic acid–also found in sour milk. Prompt: Your character remembers a particularly “sour memory” which influences his/her subsequent actions. (20 min)
  • Dendeng is a thinly sliced dried meat, similar to jerky, from Indonesia. Not surprisingly, it was originally made as travel food. Prompt: As your character travels from one point to another, she discovers something in her pocket or bag. Bonus points: It’s food. (8 min)

November 13, 10:00pm-1:00am (UTC -7)
NaNoWriMo/Vegas/Mythical Creature Mashup

  • Mr. Ian Woon, slot machine, minotaur. Bonus: There is a maze made entirely of slot machines. (13 min)
  • Trebuchet, showgirls, Bigfoot. Bonus: It’s Bigfoot who’s auditioning to be a showgirl. (17 min)
  • Viking helmet, performing tigers, salmon of wisdom. Bonus: A running man is wearing the Viking helmet. (29 min)
  • Traveling shovel of death, Elvis, jackalope. Bonus: Elvis sings the Carmina Burana with a traveling college a capella group. (14 min)
  • Writing totem, wedding chapel, werewolf. Bonus: Somebody gets to eat cake. (16 min)
  • Halo, buffet, firebird. Bonus: The buffet is serving golden apples. (30 min)
  • Duck, limo, basilisk. Bonus: Include tacky tiki drinks. (15 min)