Nerdy Prompts for Week 3

by syaffolee

For the curious (or for those who want to crib some prompts without making up any of their own), here are the writing prompts that I posted on NaNoWordSprints for the past week:

* * *

November 15, 7:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)

  • Your characters are scared by something unexpected lurking just outside. (15 min)
  • Give one of your characters a superstitious saying that he/she says every time something doesn’t go their way. (30 min)
  • Someone gets a new pair of shoes. But those shoes don’t turn out as advertised… (10 min)
  • Have someone carry something or someone because doing otherwise will cause some kind of problem. (15 min)
  • Somebody gets accidentally covered in something (goo, toilet paper, melted cheese…be creative!) (18 min)
  • Your character whistles or plays an instrument and something unexpected happens. (25 min)
  • Something is spilled. But it foreshadows something unpleasant. (15 min)
  • One character gets so mad at another that he curses them. The curse could even be one big monologue. (20 min)
  • Someone scowls. But it actually means something positive is happening. (15 min)
  • Include a full bottle of vodka in your story somewhere. Bonus points: One of your characters drinks it. (10 min)
  • Your characters find something useful in the kitchen. (25 min)
  • One of your characters has some strange luck and he/she spends some time searching their house for what could be causing it. (20 min)

November 16, 9:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)
Small Monsters in Love (microbes and romance novel clichés mashup)

  • Include a vampire. It could literally be a vampire or something used metaphorically. (15 min)
  • Add twins. Or at least a duplicate of something that wasn’t there before. (10 min)
  • Play with a character’s memory. (30 min)
  • Your character is balancing between two things. Your character could even be having a long internal debate about this. (15 min)
  • Include a baby, preganancy, or birth. It doesn’t have to be literal. (20 min)
  • Add gossip. And salacious rumors which all the characters like passing around. Bonus points: It’s like the game Telephone. Every time someone retells it, something changes.(20 min)
  • Someone or something tries to meddle in your characters’ lives. (5 min)
  • Include pirates or sharp objects. Bonus points: You manage to include both. (15 min)

November 17, 2:30pm-3:30pm (UTC -7)
Tea Descriptions

  • Include the words “sweet”, “refreshing”, and “juicy”. (10 min)
  • Include the words “warming”, “brightness”, and “sunlight”. (20 min)
  • Include the words “watermelon”, “floral”, and “honey”. Bonus points: Add in the xylophone. (15 min)

November 17, 9:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)
Terrible Pony Afflictions

  • Include a shiny, distracting object. Make it 20% cooler (i.e. bonus): The distracting object is dessert. (10 min)
  • To galvanize your characters into action, add the Worst Possible Thing. Make it 20% cooler: Hoof-to-hoof combat is involved. (15 min)
  • Add something stressful. Make it 20% cooler: Add a growing dragon. (30 min)
  • Something breaks. Make it 20% cooler: That something is a character’s favorite pair of black-tinted shades. (10 min)
  • Have your characters do a job or task which involve lots of repetitive work. Make it 20% cooler: They’re all wearing cowboy hats. (20 min)
  • Somepony gets a feeling that it might be a bad idea to get out of the house. Make it 20% cooler: The feeling is not unfounded. Scary things lurk outside. (15 min)
  • Your characters are forced to multi-task. Make it 20% cooler: One of those tasks involve spinning plates. (30 min)

November 18, 2:00pm-4:00pm (UTC -7)
History Dates
(The year is the word count challenge, the concepts related to the year are word prompts.)

  • 462 – “indiction”, “statue of Zeus”, “schism” (15 min)
  • 658 – “chariot”, “compass”, “mechanical” (20 min)
  • 1214 – “vassals”, “melee”, “Low Countries” (30 min)
  • 250 – “stone burial chambers”, “moats”, “chieftain” (5 min)
  • 726 – “chalk”, “gate”, “icon” (18 min)

November 19, 9:30pm-12:00am (UTC -7)

  • Your character must perform a task that someone asks of them. (25 min)
  • Add an invention of some sort. It can be as elaborate as an airship or as simple as a paperclip. (10 min)
  • Include a premonition of death. (30 min)
  • Include one of (or all of) the elements: wood, stone, glass, metal. (15 min)
  • Transform an object from one size to another. (10 min)
  • Include something about mirrors, glass, and/or reflections. (15 min)

November 20, 9:00pm-12:00am (UTC -7)
Headwear/Fast Food/Creepy Fictional Grimoires Mashup

  • “balaclava”, “burger”, “The Book of Eibon” (15 min)
  • “kerchief”, “kebab”, “The King in Yellow” (20 min)
  • “crown”, “chicken nuggets”, “Cultes des Ghoules” (10 min)
  • “nightcap”, “nachos”, “Necronomicon” (15 min)
  • “pork pie hat”, “pizza”, “Pnakotic Manuscripts” (25 min)
  • “Muir cap”, “milkshake”, and “Mysteries of the Worm” (10 min)
  • “deerstalker”, “donuts”, “Dhol Chants” (15 min)
  • “turban”, “tacos”, “Tarsioid Psalms” (20 min)