Not Counting Down

by syaffolee

Yep, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. And mostly I’m trying not to think about the beginning of November because I have a kazillion things going on. And if I ponder deadlines too long, I’m going to drive myself mad.

I’ll probably be blogging rather sporadically here with short updates on my novel progress and archive writing prompts that I’ve tweeted on @NaNoWordSprints. Yes, I’ve been invited to be a sprint leader again this year. Apparently I didn’t scare anyone away last time. For those of you following the sprints, I’ll be starting the sprints at midnight for the Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones on November 1. For the rest of the month, I’m currently scheduled for sprints every Monday through Saturday 10pm to midnight Mountain time and Sunday evenings (usually 8pm-10pm).

As for the novel itself, I’m trying something different this year in that I’m going to actually blog it. For the masochists who want to read along, my plot manglings will be posted here (also linked temporarily in the menu of this blog).

As a warning, I’ve been unusually scatterbrained this year in terms of novel planning. I only just found a name for my main character last Saturday. None of my other characters have names yet. Maybe when November hits, I’ll take my own advice I gave to someone recently and use a random name generator.