What’s Up on the NaNo Front

by syaffolee

*As a participant: On the noveling front, I’m keeping up with the word count. The story itself feels like it’s going slowly. But it may be because I’m just getting into it. Hopefully the plot will start snowballing once the month progresses.

*As an ML: It’s at times frustrating or fun. No one has showed up to any of the Hamilton write-ins so far but plenty of people have showed up in Missoula. I know there are people in Hamilton who are doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve talked to them. But I suspect they’re all writing their novels during their lunch breaks and forgoing the actual write-ins.

*As a mentor: I’m mentoring several “newbies” or first year NaNoWriMo participants online. I’m pretty excited about this year’s batch because they seem pretty enthusiastic and making excellent progress on their novels so far. In previous years, a lot of the newbies were all talk and no action.

*As a sprint leader: So I’ve been leading sprints on NaNoWordSprints again this year and it’s been a blast. I think the best part for me is seeing everyone’s incredible word counts after I’ve led a sprint session. Also, I have some exciting prompt themes lined up. But I won’t be repeating any themes from last year (except for the fairy tale one)–so if you’re a sprint leader reading this, those themes are totally up for grabs! You can take a look of all of my previous prompts here.