MisCon 28: Maker’s Spaces

by syaffolee

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In a rare turn of events, I actually arrived early for a writing panel I wanted to see. To kill time, I popped into a costuming panel halfway through out of curiosity. I made some random notes–unfortunately I couldn’t get who said what–but I think this is useful for people in dire need of cleaning out and/or organizing all their crafty stuff. If there are any errors in these notes, they’re mine and mine alone. For any corrections, just drop me a note.

Panel title: Maker’s Spaces
Panel members: Jean Carlos, Marlesa Crawford (Mouse), Faith Emens-Pearson (Mizz Mayhem), Erica Pocklington, Beth Stoops
Panel description: How do you find and organize (create?) space for your creative obsession in your home (or garage, back yard, bat cave, whatever)? Our panelists will share how they do it, and time permitting, you can too.

What sort of spaces inspire you?

  • quiet spaces
  • television shows in the background
  • if designing a specific character costume, it depends
  • whatever inspires you
  • “look books” – scrap books with cutouts from magazines, copies of comics, etc. for inspiration.
  • cooking in the kitchen
  • chalkboard made out of a cookie sheet
  • putting everything in a big tote
  • taking over the basement
  • spray painting outside

What’s the advantage of breaking up a larger space?

  • smaller spaces can force you to finish a project
  • in larger spaces, more projects are only half done
  • smaller space gives you more focus
  • split it into dedicated spaces (sewing area, painting area, etc.)
  • someone dedicated a section for shelves and chairs in the craft room so she could still be inspired and recharge in that room
  • use different totebags for different projects

I have too much stuff from collecting things from second hand stores. How do I organize/get rid of it?

  • pick the top five projects you want to do and go through the collection for things you need
  • put away the five things you least want–if still there later, get rid of it
  • only buy things when you finish a project, set up a reward system

I have a lot of unfinished projects. How can I get them done?

  • take the project you love the most and start on that one
  • give yourself deadlines
  • set aside the other stuff and finish that project first
  • if you aren’t using it in a year, get rid of it

What if you inherited some interesting stuff that you can’t use but you don’t want to throw it away?

  • post it online to sell/trade it
  • by giving it to someone else to use, it goes towards something awesome and not thrown away–it’s still valued, get them to send you a picture of it in their project

What’s the best way to organize small things (like jewelry projects) if you have limited space?

  • pill organizers
  • tote organizers
  • tackle boxes
  • toolboxes
  • wheels on everything so it’s easy to move
  • check local second hand stores for storage boxes
  • look for shape, size, and compartments
  • stores going out of business may have boxes
  • think outside your specific needs, what else can you use it for?