On Writing and the Wall of Magic

by syaffolee

This is pretty much a brief, random post just to let anyone who is only following this blog that I’m still here. (If you follow me via Twitter, you know I’m always here.) I’m still writing, of course, but at the moment I’m not really ready to post any of it. (I’ve been doing a lot of handwriting lately and I’m too lazy to type everything up right away.)

I’m also in one of those weird, periodic self-loathing phases where I think all the ideas that I come up with are crap, so don’t expect me to talk too much about the writing process at the moment. Metaphorical head banging and hair pulling aren’t very interesting.

* * *

I found myself watching a couple of those Mental Floss list videos on YouTube. I’m probably the only person in this universe who thinks John Green is annoying, but there was one thing I found really mesmerizing about those videos–the Wall of Magic. Sure, it’s a giant shelf filled with geektastic stuff, but what it reminded me of was a cabinet of curiosities. I think it’s the sense of wonder and randomness and the fact that you’ll always discover something new in the collection that fascinates me.

I want a wall of magic and/or cabinet of curiosities of my own (combined with my library of books), but I suspect I’ll have to wait until I get a bigger place before I start thinking about something like this.