The Holiday Ghost Story Challenge

by syaffolee

After reading this article on the tradition of telling ghost stories during Christmas, I was inspired to come up with a writing challenge for December. Sure, I’m still trying to finish this year’s NaNoWriMo novel, but I also wanted a break to do something fun. So why not try my hand at writing a ghost story?

The challenge is this: write a holiday ghost story/winter-themed creepy story (all up to your own interpretation) and post it somewhere (like a blog or website) by December 24. If you think you’d like to try your hand at this, let me know (either in the comments or by email) where you’ve posted your story by December 24, 11:59 PM Pacific Time and I’ll post a link to it on December 25.

And if you don’t want to post your story anywhere for whatever reason, that’s cool, too. It’s a writing challenge, not a posting challenge. The whole aim of this is to have fun and not to stress yourself out.

Of course I’m planning on doing the challenge myself since I came up with it. I’ll post my short story here on this blog, warts and all (well, with at least one run-through with spellcheck) for your reading pleasure or ridicule on Christmas Eve.