Postcard #3 – Scenes from Gainesville

by syaffolee

This postcard is from one of my longtime Twitter followers and all-around badass NaNoWriMo forums moderator, Tiakall. Actually, she deals with the forum crap a lot better than I would have if for some reason I had gotten that job. I would have just thrown up my hands and said, “Burn it. Burn it all.” As you can see, I’m not cut out to be a forums moderator and someone should hold me back if I ever get it into my head that I might be.

I had to look up Gainesville because, to be honest, all I really know about Georgia is Atlanta, some of the universities there, and the CDC. Apparently it’s the “Poultry Capital of the World” according to Wikipedia. I don’t know much about chickens either except that people eat them and a lot of researchers have used them to study antibiotic resistance and zoonotic diseases.