Postcard #5 – The Traveling Bookmark

by syaffolee

I think this is a great example of what people who put postcards in envelopes would absolutely hate to see. The bookmark postcard is bent out of shape with creases and smudges. It’s not perfect. But I think people who only like new and clean postcards have completely missed the point. The postcard is supposed to go through the postal system without the envelope and show the wear and tear of its travel. Envelopes are for other things. If you don’t want any of these imperfections to show, then why the hell do you want postcards in the first place?

It’s not that I don’t appreciate postcards sent in envelopes. I mean, if you have, I do appreciate it and thank you for even bothering at all. (But if you’re a staunch postcard-in-envelope person and are reading this now, I will not hold it against you if you decide against sending me anything because my online rants pisses you off.) However, I feel people who send postcards as is actually gets it. And it makes me really happy whenever people understand the point of something, no matter what it is.

Anyways, about this postcard. It’s from a NaNoWriMo participant in the Czech Republic. It’s also one of the more unusual shaped postcards I’ve received. It’s probably also why it looks so battered and why it arrived several months after it was expected–I’m pretty sure all the sorting machines at the post office had no idea what to do with it. Unfortunately, I probably will not be using this as its intended purpose due to its fragile state and the fact that I’ve pretty much switched to reading ebooks. For now, it will remain tucked away safely with all the other postcards.