Postcard #7 – Oklahoma Buffalo

by syaffolee

I actually know a surprising number of people in Oklahoma, but I’ve never been there. A couple years ago, I did manage to apply for a job in Oklahoma City–so at one point I guess I thought it might not be such a bad idea to move there–but I never heard back from that lab either positive or negative. But to be honest, I wasn’t that bummed. Oklahoma isn’t really known for its biotech prowess anyway.

It’s interesting that this NaNoWriMo participant chose to send me a postcard of buffalo. It reminded me of the National Bison Range in Montana that I visited when I lived up there. I only saw them at a distance at the National Bison Range, but when I had visited Yellowstone, there was one that had temporarily blocked off the road that I had been driving through. Those animals are enormous and could easily crush a car if they wanted to. I ended up waiting it out. I didn’t want to be the idiot doing something foolhardy that might piss them off.