Postcard #8 – Bong Bong Bong Bong

by syaffolee

I received this postcard last year from JessAnn (a.k.a. coderster), Twitter friend, NaNoWriMo municipal liaison, and all around awesome sprint leader on @NaNoWordSprints. As for postcard landmarks, I find clock towers one of the more interesting ones because there’s an aural aspect to it as well as a visual one. Fortunately for me, I don’t live near a clock tower so I’m not driven bonkers by the ringing like JessAnn. Although if I ever do find myself wanting to hear one, it’s just a brief drive to Balboa Park which houses a historic clock tower that only opened for tours recently. (I was pretty lucky to get to one of the first tours to go up there.)

I don’t really know very much about Pennsylvania although I’ve driven through it via I-95 and visited Philadelphia for a conference and doing typical touristy stuff. I know absolutely nothing about the town of Bradford except what I’ve read on Wikipedia. I get the impression that it’s one of those small towns where you feel like you know everyone, the typical all-American town where you can still say hello to your postal carrier and no one worries that much about the kids running around trick-or-treating during Halloween.

Or I could be completely wrong. That’s the thing about postcards. You get a tiny peek into a different place, but it’s framed a certain way by the photographer or artist who made the picture and the sender of the postcard who wrote the note on the back. The rest of it, you’re left to imagine and it could all be a fantasy.