Postcard #9 – A Zoo Card

by syaffolee

This postcard is from a German NaNoWriMo participant who had visited San Diego before. I’ve also sent a number of zoo cards to people since they’re 1) iconic of the city they’re in and 2) has cute animals that no one can fault. Well…that’s not exactly true. When I had signed up for Postcrossing, it kind of amazed me how picky people can be with what sort of postcards (and stamps) they want people to send. It’s because they’re Serious Collectors and I’m sure that if I sent, say, an alligator card to them when they specifically requested Firefly paraphernalia on their profile, they’d throw out my card as soon as they had registered it. To be honest, though, I do try to accommodate people’s requests, but if it’s too hard to find or too expensive or can only be bought online (I don’t like buying things online if similar things can be found at local stores), then I’m like, “Screw it. I’ll just send whatever and they’ll have to deal.”

Anyways, I like zoo cards. Especially of zoos that I’ve never heard of before. And for me, that pretty much means any zoo outside of North America. According to the translated German Wikipedia page, the Neuwied Zoo has a herd of kangaroos. I don’t think the San Diego Zoo has that many kangaroos, but I do know they have a koala breeding program. (Those puffballs aren’t particularly interesting to watch, though, since they sleep 22 hours a day.)