Postcard #10 – From the Land of Cowboys and Horses

by syaffolee

Okay, one thing about the title of this post. I took this from the postcard sent to me by a NaNoWriMo participant living near Dallas. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with it though. A number of other states also have cowboys and horses and it isn’t something that Texas can exclusively lay claim to (although I’m sure the residents of that state would wish to, among other things).

Other than temporarily stopping at airports because I had to catch flight transfers, I have never truly visited Texas. Maybe I’ve watched too many travel shows and historical documentaries, but I don’t really have an inclination to go visit, let alone live in, Texas either. Seriously. If I were to rank all the states by how much I want to visit them, it would probably rank lower than Utah, Michigan, and possibly even Delaware. I don’t think there’s anything there that could interest me (although if anyone’s reading this, they’re welcome to try to convince me otherwise with your favorite Texas location). And the weather there? No thanks.