Postcard #13 – From Dracula’s Castle, Sorta

by syaffolee

Yes, there are NaNoWriMo participants in Romania! You know, that’s one of the amazing things about NaNoWriMo–people do it all over the world, even in the most unlikely places. I’ve never been to Romania–although I do want to visit one day–but I find its rich tradition of folklore fascinating.

Many cultures around the world have vampires or vampire-like creatures as part of their folklore, but the most famous must be Dracula and Transylvania. The first time I attempted Bram Stoker’s book, I couldn’t finish it because it was too creepy. (It did not help that the copy I was reading had some unsettling illustrations.) I can see why people like the trope–it represents sex and death and the forbidden. Personally, I feel that contemporary fiction has been saturated by too many vampires (and werewolves) and a lot of authors use them because it’s an easy shortcut. The only vampire-related piece of media I would recommend without reservation would be the film Shadow of the Vampire which some critics think is scary, but I thought it was funny.