Postcard #25 – So This Is What Everyone’s Raving About

by syaffolee

This is one of those Postallove postcards that a sizable number of postcard collectors are crazy about. Particularly the ones from the Greetings from… series. If you scroll down on that page, this one from the Netherlands as well as several others like the USA are sold out. In fact, I think they’ve been sold out for a while. So I guess I should feel lucky that I got this postcard that apparently had a limited run. Instead, I sort of wish the sender sent me some other random postcard and saved this one for someone who would have been much happier to receive it. (Of course, I like parody as much as the next person, and I would have been far more amused if I had gotten the “Black Hole” version.)

It’s not that I hate these postcards per se. Taken by themselves, they’re perfectly fine. I’m just sort of exasperated by the enormous hype around them. And the neediness and desperation fueling people to beg and demand in order to “catch them all” (although I suspect they’re more rare than the rarest pokemon on Pokemon Go). I’m turned off by the collecting obsession because it turns these postcards into mere tick marks on a list. For me, postcards have never been about lists. Yes, they’re objects, but they also stand for so much more than that especially since they’ve been transformed by the choice of stamps (not necessarily the stamps themselves), personal messages, and the wear after going through the postal system.