Postcard #30 – Ballooning and the Police Academy

by syaffolee

I like hot air balloons, but I’m pretty content to stay on the ground and watch them go up from below. I’m not afraid of heights, but I don’t exactly have a head for them either. And going up on a hot air balloon seems like an iffy proposition with all that fire. Anything remotely like the Hindenburg kind of freaks me out.

One of the consequences of getting postcards from random people around the world is that you’ll get all sorts of people. One day it’ll be a twelve year old kid, another a cat owner with way too many cats, or maybe even a bus driver. This one is from a student of a police university. Going into that profession is something I can’t quite comprehend–I think one would have to be of a certain personality with some authoritarian leanings. Anyways, I’ll save my dark philosophical musings for another time and just enjoy the colorful postcard.