Postcard #33 – That’s a Lot of People Doing Yoga

by syaffolee

I can’t decide whether to call this an “ad card” or not.  In postcard collector terminology, ad cards are basically advertisement postcards. If it was advertising a product, say, Coca Cola or Hershey’s chocolate, then it would unambiguously be an ad card. This one though…it’s advertising an event and I’m pretty sure it’s not commercial. Maybe an event card?

To be honest, I’m not that excited about ad cards. They’re less interesting than the boring tourist postcards with stereotypical city views. The only exceptions are artistic ad cards–where the product has become incidental and the art is the primary focus. This one from Germany–I hesitate to call it an ad card but even if it unequivocally isn’t one, it’s still a bit boring. A bunch of people doing yoga? Yawn inducing. Cats doing yoga, on the other hand, would be funny.