Postcard #36 – Bewildered

This postcard from Austria is a cartoon depicting a dementia self-help group. The joke, I suppose, is that everyone forgot to come to the meeting. For me, jokes about dementia and/or memory loss are more misses than hits, probably because I consider the brain and self-awareness pretty serious stuff. If my brain goes, then what is life anyway? It certainly isn’t my life if I’m not there.

The sender also writes about his confusion about my Postcrossing profile. No one else who has sent me a postcard has ever expressed this much confusion. My profile is fairly straightforward. I basically list my hobbies, where I live, and a request that they send me a “surprising” postcard with a message telling me what’s happening where they live. My gender is not confusing because Postcrossing sends people my real name along with my address. And there really is no ambiguity with my real name.

And even if it’s completely confusing, why even worry about it? You can still write a message without referencing any of it. I’m a complete stranger. When you’re sending a postcard, it’s not so much about me as it is about you, your culture, and where you live. When you’re sending a postcard, you’re supposed to be opening up a window to your part of the world to someone else. Grilling me on whether I’m male or female or just a cat mashing the keyboard is besides the point.