Postcard #49 – Multi-view

by syaffolee

This postcard from Germany is an example of a multi-view card. This one’s a little different because instead of the simple panels, the pictures are framed like stamps. Multi-view cards, to me, are just like any other typical tourist cards with views of the city in question. They’re not my favorite and I would rather people take a little more effort to send me something slightly more unusual, but on the whole, I’m more of the “Eh, whatever” camp.

There are people, however, who absolutely hate multi-view cards. They don’t like them for a variety of reasons. The multiple pictures on a postcard are usually too small for people to see. The aesthetics of multi-paneled views aren’t very pretty or organized. It’s a bit lazy–anyone can snatch one of these cards off the postcard rack in the nearest tourist trap. I personally don’t buy multi-view cards so it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will get one of these from me unless I’m sending postcards from an unusual location and the only postcards they sell are multi-view cards.

Of course, knowing my luck, Postcrossing might soon send me a swap partner who loves nothing but multi-view cards and I’d just give up and send them a random non-multi-view card from my stash.