Postcard #120 – A Car from Poland

by syaffolee

This is a perfectly nice postcard. Except there’s one thing wrong with it. There’s nothing written on it. It’s virtually new.

I received this in an envelope from Poland along with a generic greeting on a separate sheet of paper. I’m not sure if the sender doesn’t understand the concept of a postcard swap or has an entirely different philosophy about it. Or maybe the sender is really paranoid about having anything posted, so sent me a blank card just to be safe.

Most people would be like, “Ah, a free postcard! I can send this to someone else!” I personally feel a bit uncomfortable about that if the sender does not explicitly state that I can use it. Besides, there’s a rule on the Postcrossing site that says that you can’t reuse postcards, so that’s out even if you wanted to do that. And seriously, I’m already tempting  the wrath of the postcard police by just posting this postcard on this blog.