A Mini Thought on Megafauna

by syaffolee

In a recent article on Tor.com, James Davis Nicoll muses on the existence of megafauna in the Star Wars universe. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but it did get me thinking about the implications of megafauna in a science fiction story that was built on a better scientific basis than that franchise. Because if megafauna exists in the universe, what does that say about the environment that they were formed in? And what does it say about the civilization(s) that either allow them to exist or have to put up with their continued existence?

If there is an expansionist society in the fictional universe, I would suspect that any megafauna present had evolved to take advantage of the new niches that the civilization had created in their bid to take over galaxies. Sort of like how invasive species have become dangerous nuisances on our world due to humanity’s behavior. And similar to our world, maybe this fictional universe would also have scientists and hunters going around trying to eradicate these pesky megafauna.

Or perhaps someone deliberately set out to create the megafauna and then things went horribly, horribly wrong. Things going horribly wrong often make for interesting stories.