Postcard Set Review #5: American Impressionism by Pomegranate Communications

by syaffolee

This book of postcards is no flash in the pan–the most recent edition that I bought from the local Half Price Books was in fact the “11th edition” (i.e.  the 2014 edition)–which I will be reviewing separately because it is quite different from the older versions. This particular post is about the 2007 edition and I’ve included scans of this below. Anyways, I really do enjoy impressionism as an art style and as a movement. I am the most familiar with impressionism in music–particularly Debussy and Ravel because I played their piano pieces when I was a teenager. It’s a bit dreamy and romantic, almost otherworldly.

American impressionism has it’s own twist. I find it more bold, brash, and bright.  The artists featured in this postcard book are not as well known. (You can see the list of them here.) But that doesn’t mean that their talent doesn’t come across as well. But if you’re looking for John  Singer Sargent or Mary Cassatt, you may need to look elsewhere (like the newer edition). The selection for the 2007 edition, I feel, is lackluster at best. There are some bucolic scenes that might put one in a deep sleep rather than a dreamy awareness.

In terms of practicality, this is a Pomegranate postcard book, so it’s your typical oversized tear-out postcards with sturdy yet glossy card stock. Compared to other Pomegranate postcard books, it’s not particularly outstanding. If you’re trying to find that postcard with a wow factor, it’s not here. If you specifically want American impressionist paintings with wow factor, definitely check out the newer edition. But they are perfectly acceptable to send if you don’t want to offend anyone.