Strange Recommendations

by syaffolee

Ah, the YouTube algorithm, both mysterious and weird. I was recently recommended some videos of “castles on sale” which didn’t really seem similar to anything I had been watching on  YouTube lately. These videos show tours inside these castles without any narration. What I don’t understand is why these videos are on YouTube at all.  Surely the clientele for these expensive money pits would be finding these estates through their personal connections or high end realtors rather than searching YouTube.

I find that there’s a certain fascination and repulsion in watching these castle videos which show a sort of rich lifestyle that most people will never attain. In the real world, these buildings are a stark reminder that there’s still so much inequity in the world and that there are people out there still perpetuating it.

On the other hand, I have a weird fascination with extremely large buildings with many rooms. I think it’s because it’s such a large and labyrinthine space that if you have any exploratory urges, you start feeling the itch to see what those places hide. It would be intriguing to turn one of those castles into a giant escape room game (except it would be escaping the castle, not just one room). I don’t know what the point of solving such a game would be, but the thought of people attempting to solve puzzles in a castle amuses me.