Keeping Track of Journals

by syaffolee

I suppose the obvious question would be, “Why don’t you just organize everything online?” Well, for one thing, I don’t want everything about my life online. I am fine keeping all my to do lists and trackers offline. This is not minutiae that should be available for Google.

That is where journals come in. I probably have too many journals. At the moment, I have two and a half boxes full of blank journals and notebooks, and I’m making myself not buy any more until I’ve finished a significant number of them. Of the journals that are in progress, I have different ones going, each for a different activity. And then I have one “master” journal which keeps track of which ones I’ve worked on each day. This helps me to not forget to work on each of them. This master journal is just a big to do list with dates.

The next logical question to ask, of course, is why I’m not putting everything into one journal and just finishing one journal at a time rather than a gigantic stack that I have to go through every day. Why can’t I just have a bullet journal to keep track of everything? Well, for one thing, bullet journals seem like a total pain in the butt. I want organization but I don’t want to spend time doing that organization. (Just watch any YouTube video on how to create a bullet journal–it’s too much work.) And second, I am not going to mix my work-related stuff with my fiction writing or my trackers for my other hobbies. They need to stay separate.

Is any of this organization working? Well, I suppose so. I finished one notebook over the holiday break and then another one this past weekend. I will get through them slowly but surely and then maybe I might be able to buy more notebooks when we’re all able to wander outside without restrictions.