Month of Letters: Day 15

by syaffolee

People talk a lot about popular postcard topics like planes and trains, city views, mountains, and cats. But the first postcard I have today is for someone in Japan who likes penguins. And interestingly enough, there are many people who like penguins and there’s even decorative stuff with penguins available in a lot of places. I honestly have a hard time keeping enough penguin postcards on stock. Too bad I don’t have any more of those additional ounce penguin stamps. I probably should have bought the 100 stamp rolls when they had been available. The second postcard is for a wild animal tag going to someone in French Guiana. And the third postcard is going to someone in Brazil who likes Harry Potter. (To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter so I’m trying to get rid of these postcards as quickly as I can.)