Month of Letters Redux: Day 20

by syaffolee

I’ve been trying to get rid of all of my Harry Potter postcards and the first one on this post is the last one that I have in color–it’s going to a Harry Potter fan in Canada. It’s fine that other people are fans of it, but I’m not and I hope no one decides to send me anything related to it in the future because I’m not going to appreciate it the same way that someone who is a fan will. The second postcard is going to someone in Taiwan who is a fan of art nouveau. Yes, I know this isn’t exactly art nouveau. It’s actually in the Sachplakat art style which is actually a reaction against art nouveau. We’ll see if the recipient can spot the difference. And the third postcard is a historical black and white photograph going to someone in Ireland who wanted black and white photographs of buildings. I didn’t decorate this postcard because I got the sense that the recipient is probably someone who may be a bit old school when it comes to postcard aesthetics.