Don't Shake the Flask

Because you don't know if it'll explode

Month of Letters: Day 21

There are two birthday postcards today. The first one is going to a fitness fan in Russia–I don’t normally keep sports postcards in stock and the only ones I have right now are about skateboarding. Also notice that I didn’t put any birthday cake stickers on the fitness fan’s postcard because I’m pretty sure a fitness fan would not appreciate something that would throw their diet out of whack. The second is from the Cavallini collection of wildflower postcards is to someone in the Ukraine who likes flowers. The third postcard is a painting by Theodore Robinson going to someone in Serbia who likes impressionist paintings. And finally, another Harry Potter postcard, this time going to a fan in India.

Month of Letters: Day 20

For a “happy mail” tag, I chose to send a postcard from the Higuchi Yuko postcard box as well as a number of items I have not scanned in (such as stickers, stamps, and miniature art cards). The whole package is going to Germany. Second is a fantasy tag postcard going to Russia to a person who likes mermaids. Third is another tag, this time the theme was to send a postcard that is not from the country it was sent from. So I decided on a postcard I bought when I had been on vacation in Kyoto (I may have to do a series of posts on this at a later time). It is of Sanjūsangen-dō or the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. I actually did visit this place and in some ways, it’s as impressive as it sounds. That postcard is going to Portugal. And lastly, is an illustrated postcard of lemurs going to another person in Germany who likes lemurs.

Month of Letters: Day 19

It’s raining today and probably one of the few times that I’m glad that I’m working from home today and don’t have to go out unless absolutely necessary. The first postcard for this morning is for a postcard tag specifically for dogs–this one is going to Russia. The second one is for an “eyes closed” tag where you pick up a random postcard. This black and white photo of the iconic Grand Central Station in New York is going to China. And I have another orchid postcard going to someone in India who likes flowers. The last postcard is going to the United Kingdom–it’s also another random one, chosen from a collection of postcards depicting vintage photographs of Southern California because the recipient didn’t have any particular preferences.

Month of Letters: Day 18

A couple years ago, I had found a box of marine life postcards on sale that was published by Phaidon which is more well known in my mind for art books. It might not seem like it in the scan below, but it’s actually an oversized card. This one, a closeup of a sea anemone, is going to someone in Canada who wanted a postcard with this topic. The second postcard going to Greece is another patterned one from the same set of other patterned postcards I posted earlier this month–this one is going to someone specifically requesting patterns. And the third is to a nature lover in Germany.

Month of Letters: Day 17

The first postcard today is going to a retirement home in Germany–the person requesting this had specified that any postcards sent should be about the location, thus the vintage postcard with a cable car. The second is actually a birthday postcard going to Canada even though it’s a photograph of the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, because the birthday person in question likes historical facts. The last postcard is heading to Italy and it is for a map tag–I have a bunch of Civil War map postcards and this is pretty much the only way I can give them away to people who would actually like them.

Month of Letters: Day 16

One of my favorite types of postcards are art postcards, but strangely enough, not very many people share this interest. The most popular kinds of postcards are actually tourist postcards. So it was great that I found this art postcard tag recently and I get to send the first postcard on this list, a Monet, to someone in Lithuania. The second postcard, going to someone in Germany, is one I find a bit amusing because it’s what I personally call “pie-in-the-sky architecture”. Basically someone dreams up something that looks fantastic as a drawing, but it’s wildly impractical. And the last postcard is from the Animal Box set, going to an animal lover in the Czech Republic.

Month of Letters: Day 15

People talk a lot about popular postcard topics like planes and trains, city views, mountains, and cats. But the first postcard I have today is for someone in Japan who likes penguins. And interestingly enough, there are many people who like penguins and there’s even decorative stuff with penguins available in a lot of places. I honestly have a hard time keeping enough penguin postcards on stock. Too bad I don’t have any more of those additional ounce penguin stamps. I probably should have bought the 100 stamp rolls when they had been available. The second postcard is for a wild animal tag going to someone in French Guiana. And the third postcard is going to someone in Brazil who likes Harry Potter. (To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter so I’m trying to get rid of these postcards as quickly as I can.)

Month of Letters: Day 14

First up today is a birthday postcard to someone in Russia. I honestly didn’t know the artist of this postcard (Lucia Mathews) until I obtained this postcard. Apparently you can see this at the Oakland Museum, but when I was last there, the exhibits were different so this must have been in storage. The second postcard of some trees in Yosemite is for a tree-themed “tag” going to someone in Japan. The third postcard is an Ed Hardy design going to someone in Germany who likes snakes. I find that an unusual request–many people specifically request no snakes due to phobias.

Month of Letters: Day 13

You know the organization which I had been doing postcards for the past couple days? The first one here is the last one I’m sending off–another William Morris design. The second postcard, a 17th century pattern, is also going to another place in the US, this time to an animal welfare program. And the third is going to Poland–the recipient likes Disney fairy tales so I had some concept art from The Little Mermaid.

Month of Letters: Day 12

Today we’ll start off the bunch with another postcard I’m sending to the same organization I did the last two days, this time to yet another department (there’s one more for tomorrow, I think). It’s another William Morris design–I think they’re great for general greetings whenever you have no idea what people will like. The second is Persian duck art going to someone in the United Kingdom who likes ducks. And the third is going to a German museum doing a project on postcards. As I’ve stated before, I don’t really jive with this artist and I’m trying to find excuses to get rid of these particular postcards.