Person-Shaped Distractions

I’m a bit of a loner and I do not deliberately seek attention.  My philosophy is that attention should only be sought for worthy reasons.  Not because you just want everyone to look at you.  As a result, I have very little patience with people who force themselves on other people in order to get attention–whether that attention is good or bad.

On the Tuesday night Nanowrimo write-in at the local bagel shop, everything was going fine until some nutty dude stormed in ranting about various political topics and being creepy.  He claimed he was a law student, married (if so, why was he chatting up undergrads?) and the son of a senator.  Whether or not he was lying is a moot point because he was generally being a pain.  He was a distraction and he knew it.

A lot of writers talk about distractions.  Like reading something else, playing video games, cleaning the house.  But those sorts of distractions, you can control by shifting your focus.  If you get distracted by those kinds of things, you have no one to blame except yourself.  If the distractions are out of your control–like earthquakes–well, then I suppose you can try to make the best of it.

But what about distractions that are a mix of the two–especially distractions that come in the form of other people?  Everyone has their own way of dealing with this sort of stuff.  Most people are far more personable than I am and will leave other people feeling that they left of their own accord.  I, however, can be extremely aloof and not particularly receptive.  I’m a rather non-confrontational person so my first line of defense would be to ignore the distraction.  If that doesn’t work, I tell said distraction that I am working and do not have time for whatever he is peddling.  At this point, pretty much everyone leaves me alone.

But what if even that doesn’t work?  Well thankfully it has never come to that, but if it does–well, there may be some ass-kicking involved.