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Month of Letters: Day 22

First up today is a cat postcard for a cat tag going to someone in Taiwan. And in a related feline tag is a postcard I had originally gotten at a rummage sale of a lynx in the middle of a leap–going to someone in France. And finally, a postcard of the de Young Museum since the German person this is going to had requested local attractions.

Time for Another Pet Carrier

Moo hates carriers. Absolutely hates them. And she’s destroyed the latest one.


In all other respects, Moo is a pretty chill cat. She’s not too picky about her food. She likes belly rubs. And aside from meal times and an inexplicable tendency to step on keyboards occasionally, she usually sits beside me quietly while I’m working on stuff. But carriers. Oh boy, those are another thing altogether. I have yet to find one that doesn’t set her off.



Other than a couple postcard posts, I admit I haven’t been as on the ball on the blog as I’d like to be. Sometimes you have grand plans to get things done, but then…distractions!

I’m not the sort of person to sit around and do nothing–especially when I’m in a new place that I want to explore the heck out of–but part of the blame can also be put at the paws of my newest roommate, Moo. She follows me around and talks more than I do. The gift of gab is strong with this one.

I got Moo over the Memorial Day Weekend at the local shelter which was overflowing with cats (it was kitten season). There were also lots of potential adopters there, too, but they were only interested in the kittens. I was the only one specifically wanting an adult cat. Moo seemed rather chill and for me, it was quick and painless to bring her home since I didn’t join in the fray to fight over the cute kittens.

The last time I had a pet, I was seven, and it was just a bunch of goldfish. But don’t worry, I’ve been thinking quite a while about getting a cat and I’m well aware of all the responsibility, time, and money it requires for being a pet owner. It’s a long term thing, and I know I’ll have to be there for Moo when she’s old and sick and not just when she’s younger and active.

Anyways, don’t worry about being spammed with a kazillion cat pics from yet another source on the internet. I’m not very good at taking pictures of moving targets and even I know blurry cat photos don’t make for good blog posts.


Postcard #24 – It’s Not Caturday But Here’s a Cat Anyway

It’s interesting getting a postcard from Taiwan because this is actually one of the places I’ve gone to before. But not recently. It was way back when I was a teenager, when I actually had *gasp* free time during the summer. I also have relatives there so whenever I hear something about the island on the news, of course, I feel a bit worried for them.

It’s been long, but I do hope one day I’ll be able to visit again. What I remember most vividly is not really the city (I was staying in Taipei), but the bit of countryside outside of the city. The mountains were so green. I mean, I’m in no shape to climb them, but for some reason mountains (any mountains, really) have a mesmerizing hold on my psyche.



Gamboling Around A State Capitol

Helena, MT (October 20, 2013)