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Month of Letters Redux: Day 24

There’s no decoration on the first card in this batch because it’s going to someone in Bangladesh who is primarily a stamp collector and only wants tourist cards. Santa Monica can be nice, but it’s a world unto itself and I don’t think I could ever live there even if I had the means to do so. The second postcard is going to someone in Germany who likes New York and elephants–I was lucky I had this postcard of an elephant sculpture in New York. And the third postcard is going to someone in China who is a Big Hero 6 fan.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 23

Well, with the way things are going on in the world, I’m not sure if the first postcard will reach its recipient in the Ukraine, but here’s hoping. I chose a bookstore postcard since the recipient said they liked books. The second postcard is a meetup card going to someone in Finland who collects meetup cards. And the third is a Beauty and the Beast background going to a Disney fan in Belarus.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 18

Well, after a long while of getting normal profiles, I finally pulled up someone who was pretending to be a cat. I like cats (and I even live with one), but I’m not sure what the point of this is. I mean, sure, they want to be cute and funny but I guess I’m not in the mood for it right now. So I chose a postcard with a cat on it and wrote it like I was writing to a person although it’s sort of vague so if you want to interpret it as if I wrote it to a cat, I suppose you could. It’s going to Singapore. The second postcard depicts a scene from the development of Big Hero 6 and it’s going to a Disney fan in Germany. And the third is a bit of a tourist card going to someone in India who’s trying to collect a postcard from every country in the world. I always get the sense that phrases like this are code for people who only want to collect rare countries. I’m sure they probably won’t care about this postcard because American postcards are actually quite common.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 11

The first postcard is a painting by William Merritt Chase called “Morning at Breakwater, Shinnecock” and it’s going to someone in Portugal. It’s for a creative writing tag where you write something based on a prompt that the recipient gives you. For this one, it’s “clouds”, so I wrote about a fictional city in the clouds that’s facing a catastrophe–the magic that’s keeping it afloat is failing. The second postcard is going to a Disney fan in Germany. With all the reimagining of villains, I’m not sure Scar can be redeemed unless there’s a side to Mufasa that we don’t know about. And the third postcard is going to someone in Massachusetts who enjoys mountains and nature. So I figured Yosemite would be the archetype of that.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 7

I bought a box of Disney postcards several years back when it was on sale and I still have quite a few left–I guess I had been anticipating that the topic would be more popular than it really is (most people still just want tourist postcards). Anyways, the first postcard going out today is, in fact, a Disney card (Aladdin, specifically) to a Disney fan in Japan. The second postcard could be considered a “handmade” card because I had made it for NaNoWriMo last year and I have a lot extra. It’s going to someone in Germany who aspires to be a travel writer. I suppose they will need all the luck they can get considering the fact that the pandemic has curtailed a lot of travel. The third postcard is also going to Japan, this time to someone who wanted postcards depicting national parks. I find the national park postcards way easier to send than the Disney ones and it wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up buying another box of these postcards sometime in the near future.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 4

It seems like a lot of teachers are doing postcard projects with their students these days. I worry that they’ll get bored because it takes a long time for international mail to get around in general. Or maybe this is just an exercise in patience for them. Who knows. Anyways, the first postcard today is part of a cute animals as food postcard set–this one is going to a class of kids in Poland. The second card is some concept art from Big Hero 6 and it’s being sent to some students in Turkey. I know these Disney cards are hugely popular with people, but I personally am not a big fan of how the back was designed–there are too many design elements all over the place and it’s difficult to write a substantial message on it. And the third postcard is going to someone in Russia who likes horses.

Month of Letters: Day 13

You know the organization which I had been doing postcards for the past couple days? The first one here is the last one I’m sending off–another William Morris design. The second postcard, a 17th century pattern, is also going to another place in the US, this time to an animal welfare program. And the third is going to Poland–the recipient likes Disney fairy tales so I had some concept art from The Little Mermaid.