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Month of Letters: Day 25

Seriously, I feel like everything is due this week–hence why I’m later than usual in posting this. The first postcard is going to an Alice in Wonderland fan in the Netherlands. This is actually from a smaller set published by Dover and not the giant 100 Alice in Wonderland set you may have seen floating around. (I don’t plan on purchasing that box set–I don’t know enough people who are fans of it to justify buying so many unless it’s on sale.) The second is an illustrated postcard of my favorite bookstore in San Francisco–Green Apple Books. It’s going to someone in Kazakhstan. And third is a tiger painting by Eugene Delacroix going to a tiger fan in Russia.

Month of Letters: Day 24

I’m going to reiterate again that I will be glad when this Month of Letters is over. I know the purpose of this is to slow down and communicate with people using a slower medium, but this only works if you unplug from everything else. There’s a reason why I leave writing postcards to the weekend–the rest of the week is just filled with work stuff that seems to multiply overnight.

Anyways, first postcard on this list is going to someone in France who likes Japanese stuff. I’ve also been to Tō-ji Temple before, I particularly remember the visit because it was one of the monthly flea market days and it was raining. The second postcard is to a person in Taiwan who likes butterflies. I had obtained this postcard at a rummage sale–it’s pretty old since the attraction it’s from no longer exists (according to Google, it was replaced with Legoland). And the third postcard is going to someone in Belarus who requested this sent in an envelope. To be honest, I found their profile a little confusing–I think they were requesting postcards that would match some kind of romantic coffeehouse aesthetic theme. I don’t have any coffee postcards on hand right now, so I just picked something else. Hopefully this random illustration will work.

Month of Letters: Day 23

I find it interesting that some parents want to collect postcards for their kids while they are still infants–how do they know that their kids will actually appreciate the postcards once they get old enough to understand? Anyways, that’s where the first postcard (a colorful Tokidoki) is going to–as for location, it’s Italy. The second postcard is another entry from the Animal box going to someone in Australia who likes horses. And the last is a postcard of storks going to a bird enthusiast in China.

Month of Letters: Day 21

There are two birthday postcards today. The first one is going to a fitness fan in Russia–I don’t normally keep sports postcards in stock and the only ones I have right now are about skateboarding. Also notice that I didn’t put any birthday cake stickers on the fitness fan’s postcard because I’m pretty sure a fitness fan would not appreciate something that would throw their diet out of whack. The second is from the Cavallini collection of wildflower postcards is to someone in the Ukraine who likes flowers. The third postcard is a painting by Theodore Robinson going to someone in Serbia who likes impressionist paintings. And finally, another Harry Potter postcard, this time going to a fan in India.

Month of Letters: Day 16

One of my favorite types of postcards are art postcards, but strangely enough, not very many people share this interest. The most popular kinds of postcards are actually tourist postcards. So it was great that I found this art postcard tag recently and I get to send the first postcard on this list, a Monet, to someone in Lithuania. The second postcard, going to someone in Germany, is one I find a bit amusing because it’s what I personally call “pie-in-the-sky architecture”. Basically someone dreams up something that looks fantastic as a drawing, but it’s wildly impractical. And the last postcard is from the Animal Box set, going to an animal lover in the Czech Republic.

Month of Letters: Day 14

First up today is a birthday postcard to someone in Russia. I honestly didn’t know the artist of this postcard (Lucia Mathews) until I obtained this postcard. Apparently you can see this at the Oakland Museum, but when I was last there, the exhibits were different so this must have been in storage. The second postcard of some trees in Yosemite is for a tree-themed “tag” going to someone in Japan. The third postcard is an Ed Hardy design going to someone in Germany who likes snakes. I find that an unusual request–many people specifically request no snakes due to phobias.

Month of Letters: Day 12

Today we’ll start off the bunch with another postcard I’m sending to the same organization I did the last two days, this time to yet another department (there’s one more for tomorrow, I think). It’s another William Morris design–I think they’re great for general greetings whenever you have no idea what people will like. The second is Persian duck art going to someone in the United Kingdom who likes ducks. And the third is going to a German museum doing a project on postcards. As I’ve stated before, I don’t really jive with this artist and I’m trying to find excuses to get rid of these particular postcards.

Month of Letters: Day 10

The first postcard is going to an organization in the US helping a particular community in need to deal with COVID-19. The directions said to send an “encouraging” postcard so I went with a neutral floral one since I don’t have any fancy ones that specifically have an encouraging slogan printed on the front. The second postcard is going to someone in Portugal who didn’t have any preferred topics so I just decided on going with the vintage Valentine’s theme again. And the third is going to a Monet fan in Japan.

Month of Letters: Day 8

Today, it’s two flower postcards from the orchid series to people who like flowers. The first below is going to someone in Finland, the other to Greece. The last postcard is to someone in France who specified postcards of where the sender lives to be sent in an envelope. It’s not exactly where I live–just sort of in the general area. It’s some art photography of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Month of Letters: Day 7

Below are three postcards I sent off (there are also two birthday cards, not shown). The first is another vintage Valentine’s Day postcard, sent to an artist in England who also likes poetry, the second is going to someone in Switzerland who likes maritime history, and the third is to a stamp collector in France–hence the complete set of new postcard stamps and lack of other decorations.