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Month of Letters Redux: Day 28

Finally, the last day of the Month of Letters! To some people, it might seem trivial to write a postcard, but this actually takes some time, especially if you’re going to be writing different messages to everyone. Anyways, here we go: the first postcard of this last batch is a postcard from Nashville that’s going to someone in Finland. The purpose of this particular tag is to send older postcards and on top of that, the recipient had requested envelopes that were made from scrap paper. So I made an envelope using leftover Christmas card stock. The second postcard is going to someone within the US who wanted a snow postcard so I chose a photograph from Antarctica. And the final postcard is going to another person in the US–there is no decoration on this one because the point of this postcard tag is to cram in as much writing as you can into the postcard (which you cannot see here because the postcard police frown upon showing backsides of postcards in general). And why did I choose William Blake? Well, the recipient wanted postcards that no one else likes and while I don’t dislike this postcard, I know it would be very difficult to send to most other postcard enthusiasts who only like tourist cards or cat cards.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 27

Today’s postcards are all nature related. The first one is for a marine/sea creature tag that is going to someone in Russia. I’m not sure where I got this postcard–it might have been from a rummage sale because I certainly haven’t been to the Antilles. The second postcard is for a mountain tag going to China. One of these days, I want to see Glacier Bay because it seems so epic. And the third postcard is going to someone from Germany who likes postcards of primates. And fortunately, I had one.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 26

The first two postcards in this batch are going to Russia. The first one is for a reading tag so I picked out a black and white photograph of the reading room at the Doe Library which is at UC Berkeley. The second is to someone who likes cats. The third postcard is a photograph of the Conghua Hot Springs in Guangdong, China and it’s going to someone in Finland. It’s part of tag where the theme is to send postcards that aren’t from your country.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 25

The first postcard is an interesting photograph of Death Valley–it’s going to someone in Poland who only likes photographs of landscapes. The second postcard is going to someone in Canada who wants Valentine’s Day postcards during February. This one is a vintage one that is a little bit risque–hopefully the recipient isn’t some kind of hardliner prude. And the final card is actually a birthday card going to an old woman in the United Kingdom who is turning 105. Apparently her relatives are soliciting birthday cards, hoping to hit 105.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 24

There’s no decoration on the first card in this batch because it’s going to someone in Bangladesh who is primarily a stamp collector and only wants tourist cards. Santa Monica can be nice, but it’s a world unto itself and I don’t think I could ever live there even if I had the means to do so. The second postcard is going to someone in Germany who likes New York and elephants–I was lucky I had this postcard of an elephant sculpture in New York. And the third postcard is going to someone in China who is a Big Hero 6 fan.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 22

The first postcard in this batch is going to someone in Taiwan who wanted scenery postcards. This one is a picture of one of Yellowstone’s iconic hot spring pools–it’s part of a set of postcards that are photographs from various iconic national parks. The second postcard is of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and it is going to someone in the Netherlands who mentioned they liked travel but they also wanted their postcard in an envelope. And the third postcard is going to a person in France who wanted humorous postcards. Hopefully they like peas.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 21

The recipient of the first postcard asked for boring postcards, so I chose something that I think most people would consider boring–a repeating pattern in one color. I did manage to color coordinate it, though. It’s going to Germany. The second postcard is part of the postcard collection “World’s Greatest Bookstores” and it’s going to someone in Russia who enjoys books. And the third postcard is a photograph of a mountain lion going to someone in Japan who likes cat postcards. I didn’t choose any of my other cute cat postcards because all of them were from Japan. It just seems weird to send Japanese postcards to Japan (just as I think it is weird when people from other countries send San Francisco postcards to me).

Month of Letters Redux: Day 20

I’ve been trying to get rid of all of my Harry Potter postcards and the first one on this post is the last one that I have in color–it’s going to a Harry Potter fan in Canada. It’s fine that other people are fans of it, but I’m not and I hope no one decides to send me anything related to it in the future because I’m not going to appreciate it the same way that someone who is a fan will. The second postcard is going to someone in Taiwan who is a fan of art nouveau. Yes, I know this isn’t exactly art nouveau. It’s actually in the Sachplakat art style which is actually a reaction against art nouveau. We’ll see if the recipient can spot the difference. And the third postcard is a historical black and white photograph going to someone in Ireland who wanted black and white photographs of buildings. I didn’t decorate this postcard because I got the sense that the recipient is probably someone who may be a bit old school when it comes to postcard aesthetics.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 18

Well, after a long while of getting normal profiles, I finally pulled up someone who was pretending to be a cat. I like cats (and I even live with one), but I’m not sure what the point of this is. I mean, sure, they want to be cute and funny but I guess I’m not in the mood for it right now. So I chose a postcard with a cat on it and wrote it like I was writing to a person although it’s sort of vague so if you want to interpret it as if I wrote it to a cat, I suppose you could. It’s going to Singapore. The second postcard depicts a scene from the development of Big Hero 6 and it’s going to a Disney fan in Germany. And the third is a bit of a tourist card going to someone in India who’s trying to collect a postcard from every country in the world. I always get the sense that phrases like this are code for people who only want to collect rare countries. I’m sure they probably won’t care about this postcard because American postcards are actually quite common.

Month of Letters Redux: Day 17

The recipient of the first postcard seemed pretty adamant on their preferences for getting postcards that were made in the location from where they were sent (which honestly, I feel is a bit too stringent because there are areas in the world where printing and/or making postcards is impossible). I’m pretty lucky in that one of the publishers that put out postcards, Chronicle Books, is headquartered in San Francisco. Anyways, this first postcard is a moody black and white photograph of the famous Roxie Theater in the Mission District. It’s going to Finland. The second and third postcards are from the most recent National Parks postcard box. The one with Grand Teton is going to a motorcycle enthusiast in Luxembourg and the one with Glacier Bay is going to a nature lover in Germany.