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Month of Letters: Day 11

The first postcard for today is actually a birthday postcard going to the Netherlands. I actually have no idea whether or not this person goes to pubs, but they’re certainly already well over the age limit. The second postcard is going to the same organization in the US I sent to yesterday, but this is going to another department. And the last one–yeah, it’s a building on fire but it’s going to someone in Russia who wants postcards on local landmarks and their history.

Postcard #144 – Growing Things

I really enjoy strange postcards. Tourist postcards can literally be a dime a dozen. This one definitely counts as odd. Because who would think that a picture of someone’s plant hobby would make a nice postcard? Besides, this raises some questions. Who’s growing this stuff? What’s being grown? Why are there paintings/drawings in the background? Why is this arranged this way in the first place?



At the San Diego Botanic Garden

What I don’t understand is why this place is not named the Encinitas Botanic Garden because it’s actually in Encinitas, not San Diego. Is it because it’s still in San Diego County? Or branding? Or some historical weirdness that no one bothers to talk about?