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Postcard #425 – Interior with a Screen

I have not heard of this artist (Edouard Vuillard) before and I’m not really into this style of painting. And no wonder. When I looked him up, I discovered that he was a French painter in the late 19th century and early 20th century. And he was part of an art movement called Les Nabis which is like a cross between impressionism and abstract art. I like impressionism. And I can appreciate abstract art if done well. But the mix between the two–or the transition, rather–is just a hodgepodge of stuff that seems way too random to me.

Even so, I do appreciate that the sender chose this even though it’s not my cup of tea. I learned about something that I was not aware of before.

(Note: there is no stamp on this because the sender sent this in an envelope made out of a sheet of printer paper.)



Postcard #245 – Sort of Dada

To me, this makes too much sense to be Dada, but I like the notion.



Postcard #194 – Flying Whale

This postcard of a flying whale is from Russia. The sender of the postcard sent me a separate email giving me permission to post it on this blog. The sender has an interesting interpretation of this piece of art:

I suppose this card shows that most people are “blind”.  They can see only money, success and fame around them. Some of them notice only negative things. But in my opinion our life is beautiful and amazing by itself. The most important treasures are love, friendship and close people.

I agree that life can be beautiful. But sometimes those people who are obsessed with money, success and fame ruin it for the rest of us. That’s why we can’t have nice things.


Postcard #155 – Squamish

I haven’t been to Squamish before, but I’d imagine it would be an interesting place to visit, particularly during the summer. I might be back in Vancouver around Christmas time, so if I decided to go there then, it’ll depend on the weather and the conditions of the roads.

As for getting postcards from Canada via Postcrossing–it’s actually kind of rare. It’s the same with Mexico. I think it’s because there aren’t as many people participating in those two countries as it is in the US.



Postcard #144 – Growing Things

I really enjoy strange postcards. Tourist postcards can literally be a dime a dozen. This one definitely counts as odd. Because who would think that a picture of someone’s plant hobby would make a nice postcard? Besides, this raises some questions. Who’s growing this stuff? What’s being grown? Why are there paintings/drawings in the background? Why is this arranged this way in the first place?



Postcard #132 – Plaid Everywhere

This postcard was sent to me by a doctor who plays in a rock band. Cool, huh?

What I’m curious about, though, is why plaid is associated with Christmas (because this is supposed to be a Christmas postcard). Aren’t plaids types of tartan fabric with certain patterns that are specific to Scottish clans? That doesn’t seem particularly Christmas-y to me.



Postcard #130 – Carbohydrates on Paper

I really enjoy getting unusual and unexpected postcards in the mail. And this one is certainly out of the norm. Most people send scenic cards. This one is bread! I’m not sure what type of bread this is–it looks like rye or pumpernickel. If you, dear reader, are more familiar with Russian cuisine than I am, let me know what this is.

The slogan on the card is translated roughly as “The homemade meal is the art of caring for your loved ones.” I think this holds true if you’re a good cook. Me? I’m rather middling and I think I’d better express my love by not subjecting people to my cooking.



Postcard #120 – A Car from Poland

This is a perfectly nice postcard. Except there’s one thing wrong with it. There’s nothing written on it. It’s virtually new.

I received this in an envelope from Poland along with a generic greeting on a separate sheet of paper. I’m not sure if the sender doesn’t understand the concept of a postcard swap or has an entirely different philosophy about it. Or maybe the sender is really paranoid about having anything posted, so sent me a blank card just to be safe.

Most people would be like, “Ah, a free postcard! I can send this to someone else!” I personally feel a bit uncomfortable about that if the sender does not explicitly state that I can use it. Besides, there’s a rule on the Postcrossing site that says that you can’t reuse postcards, so that’s out even if you wanted to do that. And seriously, I’m already tempting  the wrath of the postcard police by just posting this postcard on this blog.



Postcard #116 – Happy Snowman and Dracula

(Disclaimer for the postcard police: I’ve pretty much blacked out EVERYTHING except the stamp and the sender’s permission to post this postcard. If you still think this is revealing too much personal information, you’re crazy.)

In some ways, I sort of wish I had posted this earlier because it would have been more timely, but for those in the know, I’m doing all these postcards in the order they were received, so this one had to wait until now. I’m actually kind of envious of the sender for being able to find a nice holiday postcard. I literally went to every postcard selling place in San Diego trying to find Christmas postcards, but only ended up with some of those ubiquitous coloring ones. And no, I’m not going to start buying them online because that way lies madness.

Anyways, I’m kind of sad I had to black out most of the postcard because the sender also drew Dracula. It seems like a non-sequitur upon first glance, or at the least it looks like the sender got the holidays mixed up. But I think it’s really cool because to me, it brings back the concept of telling scary stories around Christmas time. Christmas is too sweet as it is–bring back the Christmas horror!

(Oh, and for anyone super curious as to what is underneath the blacked out stuff, aside from a drawing of Dracula, there’s also a drawing of a snowman and the sender wishing me a Happy New Year.)



No More Postcards

This is an update post to say that I won’t be posting any more postcards on this blog.

Apparently some people are uncomfortable with me posting the backs of the cards, in particular, even though I’ve blacked out any identifying information. I suspect people are also unhappy with my commentary because I’m not the sort of person who gushes about stuff and I tend to be blunt and honest to a fault. Of course, this is my blog and theoretically and technically I should be able to post whatever I want. But people are people and they’re free to feel unhappy about what I’m doing even if all I’m doing are posting pictures of rainbows and unicorns.

I’m also a rather non-confrontational person so in an effort to forestall any further pitchforks aimed my way, I won’t be posting any more about postcards except when I talk about postcard swapping in general. The current postcard posts will remain up, although I am in the process of removing the offending images. (I can’t remove them all right at this minute because I’m at work, but if by next Monday, you find that I accidentally missed some, please let me know.)

Of course, I’m unhappy that other people are unhappy with me. I feel like I can’t really win. I was thinking that sending postcards would be my way of making other random people in the world happy outside of all the other crap going around. But apparently not.

If anyone has any suggestions for other hobbies that I might take up where there would be the minimum number of people getting angry at me, let me know in the comments below.